Thursday, April 27, 2017

Membership at St. Cloud Country Club

Looking for the best swimming, dining, and golf recreation spot this summer? Look all you want, but you won’t find anywhere in Central Minnesota that matches the St. Cloud Country Club. We offer a variety of membership plans that allow everyone to find a plan tailored to their interests. From the avid golfer to the family looking for fun outdoors, we have a membership option that will be perfect for you.

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Golf Membership Options

Class A: $446.95/month

For families/couples age 40 & over
$1,000 Initiation Fee

This membership includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. This plan is perfect for the family seeking activities to do together. Take advantage of all St. Cloud Country Club facilities for the season.

Class B: $332.46/month

For families/couples age 33-39, or singles aged 33 and over
$750 Initiation Fee

A class B membership for families includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. Get your family out and active with this membership plan which features access to all St. Cloud Country Club activities.

Class C: $219.32/month

For heads of families ages 21-32
No Initiation Fee

This plan is perfect for young families looking for quality time together. Class C memberships in this age group includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. Get your golf time in while your family spends the day at the pool or on the tennis courts.

Class C: $174.22/month

For singles age 21-32 and under
No Initiation Fee

Take advantage of all that St. Cloud Country Club has to offer with this unlimited plan at a newly reduced rate for millennials. Class C membership includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage.


Limited Golf Memberships

Limited Golf Membership: $169.22/month

$300 Initiation Fee

Take advantage of 6 rounds of golf throughout the season without compromising your family’s pool time. This membership includes 6 rounds of golf (per season per spouse), unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. This membership plan is perfect for those busy families who can’t make it out to the course every day.

Social Membership: $103.72/month

$200 Initiation Fee

Don’t golf but still want to get outdoors? No problem! This plan is perfect for the active individual with unlimited access to all facilities including our pool and tennis court. The membership Includes unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage.

Dining Membership: $98.35/month

$100 Initiation Fee

Membership includes all clubhouse dining facilities. Access to top-notch dining can be yours with this affordable dining membership plan.

Interested in signing up for a membership? Visit our website to learn how you can join St. Cloud Country Club as a member.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Love at the Club: Host Your Wedding at the St. Cloud Country Club

Engaged couples can surely attest to the challenges and immense responsibility and commitment of wedding planning. We at the St. Cloud Country Club aim to make that process easier for our clients by taking some of that stress off of their shoulders. We offer dedicated service and commitment to creating a wedding that is personalized to your individual preferences.

Our event planner, Paige, will work with you from the very beginning to determine just what you’re looking for in your reception or ceremony. From there, we ensure all of your needs are met when it comes to catering, decor, and wedding coordination on your special day. Quality service with a personalized touch is our specialty.

The St. Cloud Country Club Offers
  • Region’s Best Room Rental Value 
  • No minimum for Food & Beverage 
  • No membership required 
  • Included in Your Wedding Reception are: 
  • Table centerpieces 
  • Cake cutting services 
  • Customized menu planning 
  • Food tastings for up to four people 
  • Table linens /skirting

With a perfect area overlooking the Mississippi River, our classic Clubhouse is nestled among the rolling hills of our championship golf course. We guarantee that your wedding will have gorgeous views from your reception and backgrounds for your wedding photos.

Our venue has won the Central Minnesota Wedding Association’s award for Vendor of Distinction for the past three years in a row. Come see for yourself if our venue is right for you by setting up a consultation with our event planner.

Contact our event department at 320-253-1331 ex. 102 or email Paige at For more information about our venue services, visit our website.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Host Your Corporate Event at the St. Cloud Country Club

Host Your Corporate Event.jpg

The sub-zero chills of Winter are only now beginning to sink in. ‘Tis the season to hunker down indoors with a good book and sip something hot from a mug, which is fine in your down time, but what about while you’re at the office? The dreary days of Winter will be with us for some time yet, and it’s hard enough to engage everyone at an office meeting or plan an exciting event.

At the St. Cloud Country Club, we offer so much more than just great golf. Our food, facility, and beautiful views make it the perfect destination for corporate events or meetings. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your workplace meetings or gatherings (at any time of the year), the Country Club is the perfect place.

Exceptional Food from Experienced Chefs
An important aspect of any successful meeting is the food. Sure, you could provide the usual stale bagels and bitter coffee, or you could let our experienced chefs provide a mouth-watering meal for you and your colleagues. Head Chef Norm Maish and Assistant Chef Jasen Merkel can whip up a variety of dishes to please any crowd. Check out your menu options here.

Space for Any Sized Group
Whether you’re hosting a few coworkers from the office or collaborating colleagues from around the state, we have the space and functionality to accommodate. We can even provide you with professional event coordinators if you are really looking to impress your crowd. And since we are located just off of Highway 75 and are a stone’s throw away from I-94, our location is simple to find for guest from out of town. Get directions here.

Picturesque Views
Phrases like “just off the river” and “picturesque views” might seem cliche, but they’re true. Winter views at our country club are just as breath-taking as they are in the summer. Voted a vendor of Distinction by the Central Minnesota Wedding Association in 2014, 2015, and 2016, your guests won’t forget their visit. Just remember to invite them back for a round of golf in the Spring, once all the snow melts!

A Quiet, Relaxing Atmosphere
Our staff is courteous and diligent, our views are beautiful, and the atmosphere is calming and relaxing. Get away from the screeching cars and constant noises of the city and concentrate on what matters to you and your group. You’ll find the accommodations you need without the added distractions at our venue.

St. Cloud Country Club is one of the area’s best event venues for a reason. If you don’t believe us, take it from some of our happy customers.

If you want more information on hosting an event at the St. Cloud Country Club, Contact Paige Bremer to inquire about open dates.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Join The Winter Celebrations at St. Cloud Country Club

Join The Winter Celebrations.jpg

Looking for a new way to celebrate the Holidays with your family this season? At the St. Cloud Country Club, we will be hosting some special events to ring in the season. Take a look below, and make sure to add these winter celebrations to your holiday calendar:

Santa Brunch

Sunday, December 11th, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Open to public with reservation

For an exceptional morning treat, bring the whole family to the St. Cloud Country Club for our Santa Brunch. Serving hearty American breakfast classics with some special holiday touches, the St. Cloud Country Club welcomes all–even Santa–to start the Christmas celebrations early! Call 320-253-1331 ext. 102 to reserve your spot.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 2.45.18 PM.png

Pajamas & Pancakes Holiday Party

Saturday, December 17th, Members and Guests only,
$12 per gingerbread house and $6.95 per person for the buffet

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas morning a week early? Join us for our Pajamas and Pancakes party. In addition to our pancakes breakfast buffet, check out the deliciously decadent hot chocolate bar. Are you yearning to get a little creative with your gingerbread house this year? Bring the family to create some delicious and not-at-all nutritious memories together building a gingerbread house. Guests are invited to wear pajamas and are encouraged to bring a gift to donate to Toys for Tots. Reservations are also required.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Saturday, December 31st, Open to the public with a reservation

Looking for a place to enjoy the last meal of the year? Join the St. Cloud Country Club to ring in 2017 with a New Year’s Eve dinner. Bring the family and share your favorite memories of 2016 along with your New Year’s reservations and wishes for 2017!

Contact the club office Monday through Friday from 8:30 Am to 4:30 PM to learn more information and get reservations for any of our upcoming holiday events. You can also follow our Facebook Page to learn about events and updates at the Country Club this Winter!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Do Leaves Change Their Colors?

Why Do Leaves.jpg

October brings a variety of colors to Central Minnesota, especially along the Mississippi river. We are fortunate to have some of the most impeccable views on our course because of our location. The leaves change from green to red to orange and finally yellow before they cascade down to the ground. This is a stunning time of year, but have you ever asked yourself why the leaves change color like they do?

The scientific reason as to why leaves change isn’t certain, but we know the basics.

It all breaks down to a few different chemicals and proteins found within a leaf’s structure. As you may remember from biology class, chlorophyll (which is necessary for photosynthesis in plants) gives leaves their rich green color. Carotenoids are the dominant pigment found in fall leaves and produce yellow colors in other plants, such as bananas, daffodils, and carrots. Anthocyanins, which give organisms their red color, are also triggered in leaf cells during autumn. Anthocyanins are also found in apples, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.


Chlorophylls and carotenoids are present in the leaf’s cells during the growing season, but it is not until the fall when anthocyanins (the red colors) form within the cell. Anthocyanins are often produced as a result of bright light and an excess of sugar within the leaf’s cells.

When the days shorten and the daylight dwindles in the beginning of Autumn, the veins of a leaf begins to become clogged by cells and trap sugars that promote the production of anthocyanins. As the green colors fade away, the yellows and oranges begin to peek through. Anthocyanins, which produce bright red colors, begin to come through after the sugars start to get trapped within the leaf cells. As soon as the all of the connection tissues are sealed and the leaf has completed its metamorphosis of color, it then falls to the ground.


Central Minnesota has some of the most vibrant colors in the fall, especially along our golf course along the Mississippi river. Now that you know why we get to see these magnificent colors, be sure to stop by St. Cloud Country Club for a round to see the color-changing for yourself!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wedding Themes that are Perfect for Fall

Wedding Themes.jpg

Are you in the middle of planning a fall wedding? Well, congratulations! As the leaves turn and the weather cools down, autumn makes for the perfect time to share vows. Find inspiration in the beautiful shades of the season, and relish in the warmth and comfort of the season. Explore some of the themes below for some wedding inspiration:


Whether you are both teachers, met on the school playground, or share a deep love of literature, a back-to-school theme could be an A+ idea! You could take this idea literally and add accessories that play off pencils, chalkboards, and cherry red apples to take it back to the classroom, or you could find inspiration from your favorite books. Are you Harry Potter fans? Throw a Hogwarts-inspired wedding with wands, robes, and potion bottles. More of a Tolkien fan? Have your wedding party and guests decked out in hobbit and elf ensembles. The possibilities are endless!


For a more toned down celebration, take advantage of the full beauty of Fall with a harvest wedding. Infuse your wedding venue and reception with hay bales, pumpkins and gourds, wildflowers, and cozy elements. You can easily incorporate rustic and country elements for a romantic flair. Serve heart-warming comfort foods as appetizers and serve warm apple cider to really bring out the best of this season.


For fans of this late fall celebration, why not go all out? Incorporate a black and red theme for gothic and vampy vibes. Schedule a zombie-themed engagement photo session. Go playful with orange, greens, and purple for a kid-friendly event. Play up these themes with whimsical candles and sophisticated versions of Halloween décor for a spooky and romantic affair. Take inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas for a fun, pop culture-infused celebration!


Earthy and Inspired

With the beauty of the season, take inspiration from the great outdoors! Infuse earthy elements like pinecones, cranberries, and mosses for nature-inspired décor. Choose earthy autumnal shades for your wedding colors, like burgundy, maroon, purple, orange, and gold. Incorporate soft amber lights to let the textures and warm colors of the season shine. Use the changing of the colors for truly beautiful and memorable wedding pictures.

Whatever theme you choose for your upcoming nuptials, get inspired by the season, and let the St. Cloud Country Club help you plan the wedding of your dreams. For more information, reach out to the St. Cloud Country Club for a beautiful and stress-free wedding.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Before you Swing: Preparing for a Round of Golf

Before You Swing.jpg

No matter the sport, all athletes go through a pre-game warm-up to enhance their ability; no one hops out of bed ready to perform. Taking the time to warm-up before a round of golf gives you a chance to prepare your body and your game for what's to come.
Different golfers have different routines when it comes to starting a round of golf. Below, we have listed a few important pre-game rituals for you to incorporate before you start your next round:

Stretch Out

Stretching is an important part of any form of physical activity. The importance of stretching comes from warming up your muscles and getting them loose and flexible for the upcoming workout. Five minutes of warm-up stretches can prevent pain and will benefit you in the long run. For a few examples, check out this list of different stretches from the Mayo Clinic that will improve your performance.

Warm-up Your Putter

One of the major mistakes that amateur golfer make is not arriving on the green early enough to practice and warm-up. It’s important to put in that time. Make sure you get to the course early so you won’t feel rushed. You don’t need to spend the entire time at the driving range, either. Practice a few putting techniques on the putting green before you start on the bigger swings. Not only will practicing before a round help you understand the speeds for the green, it also gives you time to warm up your stroke.

Practice Tricky Shots

Many golfers assume that your drive is the most important swing in golf, but what happens when you drive your ball into a bunker and have not had the chance to warm up the shot? Practicing a few shots that may come about while on the course is a smart idea. Preparing yourself with pitching, chipping and sand shots will give you a handle on how the round will play out. 

By utilizing some of these warm-ups into your routine, you will see improvements in your golf skills. Everyone is different, however, and not all gain the same benefits from the same warm-ups. Finding a routine that works well for you is key.

Visit our website to learn about memberships, take a video tour, or contact our staff.