Friday, June 23, 2017

Teaching Your Kids The Game Of Golf

If you’re an avid golfer and have children, the natural instinct will be for you to teach them the game of golf.

There are several steps to remember when teaching your young ones about this great game. The most important thing, above all, is remembering to have patience as a parent. Golf takes a lot of time, effort and practice to become adept at. But when things get frustrating, always remember to have fun and talk things through with your child.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps parents can take to help their child love the game as much as they do:


Take Advantage Of Late Evenings

Golf courses usually see the least foot traffic in the evening. Not having a crowded course will allow you more time to focus on the mechanics of your child’s swing instead of worrying about a group of people running up behind you. You can also have a little more fun and be a lot more relaxed on an empty course.

Let Them Tell You What They’re Comfortable With

For a young child, let them learn the game at their speed. You can teach them fundamentals like a proper grip, but children just want to have a good time. Let them find their own way at first. Putting contests are a fun and easy way to start some form of direction. Chipping contests are also a great idea to see who gets closest to the hole.

Give Them The Proper Equipment.

A lot of young golfers get hand-me-down clubs that don’t always fit their height. The clubs are either too long, stiff or heavy. This can really mess with a young golfer’s swing. Make sure to fit them with the proper equipment so they can enjoy the game the right way.

Start When They’re Ready.

One of the worst things you can do as a golf parent is starting their lessons too young. Don’t try to teach your child to swing until they’re at least 5 years old. Bring them to the hitting range or practice green with you to see if they have any interest in what you’re doing. Start with toy clubs that are plastic and work your way up to the real thing.

Don’t Be Overbearing.

The worst thing a parent can become is an opinionated coach. Don’t focus on the negative and always give them positive feedback. If something negative happens, be supportive and encourage them to try again. Be a cheerleader for your kids, not a dictator. Always talk about the good shots and not the bad ones.

Don’t forget to sign up for the St. Cloud Country Club’s Junior Golf League, which begins June 22. Junior golf memberships are also available.

We have many other membership options available.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Membership at St. Cloud Country Club

Looking for the best swimming, dining, and golf recreation spot this summer? Look all you want, but you won’t find anywhere in Central Minnesota that matches the St. Cloud Country Club. We offer a variety of membership plans that allow everyone to find a plan tailored to their interests. From the avid golfer to the family looking for fun outdoors, we have a membership option that will be perfect for you.

3 (1).jpg

Golf Membership Options

Class A: $446.95/month

For families/couples age 40 & over
$1,000 Initiation Fee

This membership includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. This plan is perfect for the family seeking activities to do together. Take advantage of all St. Cloud Country Club facilities for the season.

Class B: $332.46/month

For families/couples age 33-39, or singles aged 33 and over
$750 Initiation Fee

A class B membership for families includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. Get your family out and active with this membership plan which features access to all St. Cloud Country Club activities.

Class C: $219.32/month

For heads of families ages 21-32
No Initiation Fee

This plan is perfect for young families looking for quality time together. Class C memberships in this age group includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. Get your golf time in while your family spends the day at the pool or on the tennis courts.

Class C: $174.22/month

For singles age 21-32 and under
No Initiation Fee

Take advantage of all that St. Cloud Country Club has to offer with this unlimited plan at a newly reduced rate for millennials. Class C membership includes unlimited golf, unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage.


Limited Golf Memberships

Limited Golf Membership: $169.22/month

$300 Initiation Fee

Take advantage of 6 rounds of golf throughout the season without compromising your family’s pool time. This membership includes 6 rounds of golf (per season per spouse), unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage. This membership plan is perfect for those busy families who can’t make it out to the course every day.

Social Membership: $103.72/month

$200 Initiation Fee

Don’t golf but still want to get outdoors? No problem! This plan is perfect for the active individual with unlimited access to all facilities including our pool and tennis court. The membership Includes unlimited swimming, unlimited tennis, and facilities usage.

Dining Membership: $98.35/month

$100 Initiation Fee

Membership includes all clubhouse dining facilities. Access to top-notch dining can be yours with this affordable dining membership plan.

Interested in signing up for a membership? Visit our website to learn how you can join St. Cloud Country Club as a member.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Love at the Club: Host Your Wedding at the St. Cloud Country Club

Engaged couples can surely attest to the challenges and immense responsibility and commitment of wedding planning. We at the St. Cloud Country Club aim to make that process easier for our clients by taking some of that stress off of their shoulders. We offer dedicated service and commitment to creating a wedding that is personalized to your individual preferences.

Our event planner, Paige, will work with you from the very beginning to determine just what you’re looking for in your reception or ceremony. From there, we ensure all of your needs are met when it comes to catering, decor, and wedding coordination on your special day. Quality service with a personalized touch is our specialty.

The St. Cloud Country Club Offers
  • Region’s Best Room Rental Value 
  • No minimum for Food & Beverage 
  • No membership required 
  • Included in Your Wedding Reception are: 
  • Table centerpieces 
  • Cake cutting services 
  • Customized menu planning 
  • Food tastings for up to four people 
  • Table linens /skirting

With a perfect area overlooking the Mississippi River, our classic Clubhouse is nestled among the rolling hills of our championship golf course. We guarantee that your wedding will have gorgeous views from your reception and backgrounds for your wedding photos.

Our venue has won the Central Minnesota Wedding Association’s award for Vendor of Distinction for the past three years in a row. Come see for yourself if our venue is right for you by setting up a consultation with our event planner.

Contact our event department at 320-253-1331 ex. 102 or email Paige at For more information about our venue services, visit our website.