Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why More Women Should Golf

A game for competitive athletes, a game for casual players, a game for all ages- golf is an incredibly versatile sport that many individuals have enjoyed and from which many have benefitted from. It is an especially interesting and empowering sport for women to play. Below are five reasons why women can benefit from playing golf:

Body, Mind and Fitness
Golf is an excellent sport that helps you to get fit and stay healthy, and by walking around the course and swinging the club for a few hours, you can burn around 1500 calories per game. Often touted as a lifelong sport, playing a round of golf on a regular basis will help you to maintain healthy body fitness and get your muscles working and toned. Additionally, as an endurance sport, it allows you to focus on building your strength, flexibility, and stamina- skills you can use on and off the green.

Professional and Social Networking
Golf is often considered an exceptionally social game, making it the perfect activity in which you can build and foster professional relationships. Many top executives and big businesses consider golf as an important tool in professional advancement and development. Women can level the field in the office as well as on the green by strengthening relationships with colleagues, peers, and clients through the hours of socialization and conversation that come with playing a round of golf. Socially, the handicapping scoring system makes it easy for players of all ability, competitive style, or age to play with friends and family.

Stimulate Your Brain
As you concentrate on taking more precise aims and tweaking the fine details of your game, you are developing your fine motors skills and hand eye coordination. Golf is a sport that uses all your senses and makes you hone in on certain skills and details in order to better your game. Creativity, problem-solving, visualization, and strategic thinking are just some of the skills that improve as you continually play golf. The tactics you employ to improve your golf game better can be applied on and off the field and will lead to more confidence in your game and a greater sense of self-esteem and worth.

Travel and Explore
People often play golf to network, to exercise their competitive natures, and to relax. Getting away from the office and away from the electronics that seemingly clutter our lives will improve your health and outlook on life. The stress relief that golfing provides can do a world of wonder for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Playing on beautiful, sunny courses will give you a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which helps improve sleep and circulation, increases natural protection against diseases, and generally enhance your mood. Additionally, you can find beautifully-kept golf courses not only around the country, but around the world. Take advantage of this fact and travel around the world to visit as many courses as you can.

Golf is a Game for Men—And Women
Traditionally, golf has been a game populated by male players. However, the game is looking to evolve and become more inclusive of all golfers. Golf analysts are focusing on making courses more female-friendly by adding cleaner amenities and offering a wider range of golf merchandise and apparel for women. They are also focusing on parsing the attitudes that people hold in regards to how men and women play golf differently, how golf is marketed to women, and how women are treated as equals.

The growth of women’s leagues and women-centric golf networks have successfully increased in recent years. While much can develop with the attitudes towards gender and golf, female golf players supporting each other helps to make excellent strives in the game of golf.

Golf is a fantastic lifetime sport that allows for women to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness, professional and social networking, brain stimulation, traveling, and the development of the game itself. Don’t wait a second longer- visit our website to see how golf can change and vastly improve your life.