Monday, August 29, 2016

Before you Swing: Preparing for a Round of Golf

Before You Swing.jpg

No matter the sport, all athletes go through a pre-game warm-up to enhance their ability; no one hops out of bed ready to perform. Taking the time to warm-up before a round of golf gives you a chance to prepare your body and your game for what's to come.
Different golfers have different routines when it comes to starting a round of golf. Below, we have listed a few important pre-game rituals for you to incorporate before you start your next round:

Stretch Out

Stretching is an important part of any form of physical activity. The importance of stretching comes from warming up your muscles and getting them loose and flexible for the upcoming workout. Five minutes of warm-up stretches can prevent pain and will benefit you in the long run. For a few examples, check out this list of different stretches from the Mayo Clinic that will improve your performance.

Warm-up Your Putter

One of the major mistakes that amateur golfer make is not arriving on the green early enough to practice and warm-up. It’s important to put in that time. Make sure you get to the course early so you won’t feel rushed. You don’t need to spend the entire time at the driving range, either. Practice a few putting techniques on the putting green before you start on the bigger swings. Not only will practicing before a round help you understand the speeds for the green, it also gives you time to warm up your stroke.

Practice Tricky Shots

Many golfers assume that your drive is the most important swing in golf, but what happens when you drive your ball into a bunker and have not had the chance to warm up the shot? Practicing a few shots that may come about while on the course is a smart idea. Preparing yourself with pitching, chipping and sand shots will give you a handle on how the round will play out. 

By utilizing some of these warm-ups into your routine, you will see improvements in your golf skills. Everyone is different, however, and not all gain the same benefits from the same warm-ups. Finding a routine that works well for you is key.

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