Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Swimming Safety Tips

St. Cloud Country Club's pool has made its anticipated return this past Memorial Day weekend. With the reopening of the pool, we highly encourage you and your family to stop on over and hop in the warm water. And afterward, possibly swinging on the beautiful golf course or any of the other great activities that are offered.


When coming to the Country Club’s pool, we want to make sure that you are staying safe this summer, especially with children around. Here are a few need-to-know tips on staying safe at the pool:

Wear a certified life jacket

To put it simply, life jackets save lives. Whether you are a strong swimmer or not, life jackets are always beneficial to keep around. Wearing a life jacket means a higher probability of safety towards you or your children.

Be supervised

When swimming, you should stay in a designated area that is supervised by certified lifeguards or at least by a parent. When supervising someone, make sure you are clear of distractions, as an incident can erupt at any moment’s notice.

Never swim alone

Always swim with a buddy. Sticking to the buddy system allows that extra factor of having someone else being responsible for you, ensuring that your safety is their number one priority, as their safety is yours. 

Keep safety equipment around

This includes reaching or throwing equipment to extend to someone in trouble, having a cell phone handy, being aware of or keeping a nearby first aid kit, and having those life jackets within reach.


Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin from the powerful rays of the sun that cause sunburns or even lead to skin problems or cancers. Use a waterproof sunscreen, and be sure to reapply it when necessary. Stray clear from direct sunlight; even when in the water the sun can reach you!

Drink plenty of water. Even if you aren’t thirsty, make sure you stay hydrated. Dehydration begins before you feel thirsty, and the most revealing sign of dehydration (aka: sweating) can get overlooked when enjoying a day in the water. The more the temperature rises and the longer you are outdoors, the more water you should consume.

The pool at the St. Cloud Country Club may be open for its members only, but do not be weary, as you can become a member in mere minutes! The pool is one of many great activities at the Country Club and is awaiting your arrival. Come on in, the water is more than fine - it’s fantastic!