Thursday, February 4, 2016

We Dared. We Compared.

The St. Cloud Country Club believes that it offers its members and their families the absolute best overall value and EXPERIENCE in Central Minnesota.

We decided to take the average annual cost with everything included for a family to join a public golf club in St. Cloud and compared it to the cost and everything included in our memberships. Here’s what we found...

The annual cost for a family to join a public golf club in St. Cloud is approximately $1800 (including a "range" fee).

The annual cost for a family to become St. Cloud Country Club Members varies from approximately $2400 - $3300. (Depending on the age of the family)

So, the cost differential is approximately $600-$1500 ($50-$125 per month). The question is then, what does a family get for the additional cost? The answer(s):

  • The Family is treated as Members, not "season pass holders."
  • 4 hour (or less) rounds of golf.
  • The most beautiful, well-groomed golf course in Central Minnesota.
  • A large outdoor pool and a wading pool for the kids, overlooking the Mississippi river, complete with lifeguards.
  • An outdoor deck, overlooking the Mississippi. Perfect for cocktail hour.
  • A fantastic dining experience.
  • Holiday events/special events (Christmas, Easter, Mothers day, etc., etc.)
  • Two clay tennis courts.
  • Free access to facilities for events.
  • Junior golf program for kids.

Interested in a membership? Contact us today at 320-253-1331 ex. 101, or email Tom Olson at